Like every new thing, you like to keep a newly stamped concrete (stampcrete) in its best-looking condition – after all, you have already spent too much money and time making the perfect hardscape in order to meet your outdoor or indoor stamped concrete requirements. Proper maintenance and care keep your stamped concrete looking like it did the day it was installed. One of the greatest selling points and characteristics of a stamped concrete Vancouver is its low maintenance.  

 How to Keep Your Stamped Concrete in Best Condition How to Keep Your Stamped Concrete in Best Condition 

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor stamped concrete, you can properly maintain and care for your decorative concrete in just 2 simple steps: cleaning and then, resealing. The following are some of the helpful tricks and tips for caring and upkeeping your stampcrete to keep it look fresh and new, and this does not actually take much.   

Cleaning Tips 

Outdoor Stamped Concrete 

An outdoor stamped concrete does not take much of a maintenance compared to a simple mopping or sweeping once in a week. Not like the indoor stampcrete, the outdoor stamped concrete is exposed to the elements of nature all of the time and it can be covered in mud, litter and twigs. If this will be the case, using a power washer or your hose for cleaning the surface of the stamped concrete is perfectly safe and effective. 

Indoor Stamped Concrete 

Like outdoor stamped concrete, your indoor stamped concrete does not take much of an effort to maintain in comparison to that of the hardwood or any other common household flooring. You just simply mop and sweep your indoor decorative concrete once in a week in order to keep your concrete flooring clean of debris and dirt and avoid unwanted scratches. 

Professional Tip 

Wax your concrete flooring in high-traffic places to protect the sealant and prolong the lifespan of your indoor stampcrete. 

Resealing Tips 


Your outdoor stamped concrete must be resealed every 2 to 3 years and is dependent on the wear and foot traffic. If you observe that your stamped concrete loses its luster, a quality and professional resealing can definitely bring it back on track again. 


Similar to your outdoor stamped concrete, your indoor stamped concrete also depends on how much wearing or foot traffic it receives. You can reseal or re-wax your stamped concrete somewhere from several times in a year to once in 2 years. Just pay closer attention to the luster and color of your flooring and if you somehow observe that it is beginning to look worn or fade, it can be the time to reseal your indoor stamped concrete. 

What to Avoid 

While maintaining or caring for your decorative concrete is very low maintenance, there are some few things that you must avoid doing to keep its bright shine and luster. 

  1. Avoid Leaving Spills
  2. Avoid Metal Edges
  3. Avoid Deicing Salt

All of these tips are very helpful to you but if you have some questions or any doubts, do not hesitate to consult from professional and experienced concrete experts for they are willing to help you out in this line of work.